Life in South Korea

What is this Bullshit???

It is cold and snowy here.  Andrew is not pleased.

It is cold and snowy here. Andrew is not pleased.

If I wanted snow in November I would’ve gone to teach in Alberta!  This is ridiculous.  What makes this worse is that everybody told me it wouldn’t snow until way later, if at all.

Here’ s a conversation I had less than a week ago with the administrator who drives me to school everyday  (Mr. Kim).  This is verbatim:

Me:  It’s snowing in Canada already.

Mr. Kim: Oh… already?

Me: Yes.  When does it start to snow here?

Mr. Kim:  Hmm…. maybe January.

JANUARY! What the hell?   

The Snow isn’t expected to stick around very long; it’s supposed to warm up in the next week or so.  It’s about -2 here right now.  The kids here love the snow (like kids anywhere) and couldn’t care less about the cold, but the teachers have all repsonded to the cold weather by turning up the heat in their classrooms to about 28 degrees and filling every available floorspace with a space heater.  So it’s freezing in the hallways meanwhile the classrooms are saunas.  Also my school is comprised of 3 different buildings so you have to walk outside to get around.   Since I go to a different class every 40 minutes, I’m going from freezing hallway to sauna-class to outside like 15 times a day.  My  body is like Towelie – it has no idea what’s going on.

The only saving grace about all this is that the snow is pretty nice.  All the countryside between my apartment and my school looks really cool covered in snow.  …That, and I can dominate 10 year-olds in snowball fights.  (Korean kids have nothing on Canadians when it comes to snowball-fighting skills; they’d get massacred back home).


"Hey Mr. Miller. Catch"

Oh P.S. – thanks to the people who have sent me pictures, the wall is getting more impressive!  Please keep them coming, i have a lot of wall space to fill.


5 Responses to “What is this Bullshit???”

  1. you full well know that it’s all your fault that it’s snowing there. you brought it with you! heh. see, now you can feel at home with the snow. albeit it’s snowed more there than in toronto.

  2. First snow here today. I feel your pain.

  3. Kwitchercomplaining: it was -9 here this morning… and Jo just got back from a trip to Winnipeg – WINNIPEG!

  4. hey andrew, pick on someone your own size! 🙂

  5. i want to take the little green-jacketed kid home with me.

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