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I’m not saying the stereotype is true but…


It’s a field trip day at my school today, so all the kids are gone on picnics and I still have to be here for some reason.  I can’t really think of anything interesting to write at the moment, so I thought I’d bring this to people’s attention instead.  This is one of the funniest thing I’ve heard of in a long time… 

There is a woman from my city who has failed the WRITTEN driving test here over 770 times.  No, that’s not a typo.  770 times.  The estimate is that she’s dropped over 4 grand just for application/test fees etc. 

Anyway, check out the article here.

God help us all (especially me, who lives in her city) if she ever passes the test and is allowed behind the wheel of a car.  I find Korean drivers scary enough as it is.

The most ironic part of this whole story?  Her last name is “Cha” which is Korean for, you guessed it, ‘car.’


One Response to “I’m not saying the stereotype is true but…”

  1. If you are not saying that it is true then I will and I’m Asian. Asian woman can not drive but they are stubborn/driven people. 770 times? They should ban someone from taking tge test if they failed it more than 100. I have a story. The other day I was a first markham place (aaian mall in markham LOL) looking for some 8dvd for 20 dollars when I saw this short looking Asian woman driving a corrolla. It was roughly at 11 am (very important fact because it symbolizes an empty parking lot) and I was in my car waiting for the mall to open. I saw this Asian woman with white gloves on (driving gloves) trying to reverse in a spot. At first I didn’t think much of it but I looked at my clock and it was 11:30, I was a bit worried. I got out of my car and saw this woman going front and back trying to get her car straight to get into the spot. The nice guy that I am decided to help. When I got closer I realized that she was reversing into to spots this whole time. Her car was right in the middle of two spots. Luckily there were no cars any where near her. How disturbing was or is that?

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