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My English Room

May 16, 2009

Some of you have probably heard me mention the awesome new English Room my school built during the winter vacation (actually the direct translation of the sign over the door is “English Experience Having Room”).  Anyway I thought I’d give you a look at it just to prove I wasn’t exaggerating.  The school dropped about […]

This song haunts my dreams…

May 10, 2009

Here’s the thing about Korean music.   It’s all pop and it’s all horrible.  The worst part about it is that you can’t escape it.  Every where you go, you hear the same songs over and over again.  Cell phone stores, coffee places, bars, clubs, restaurants… it makes no difference.  No matter where you go, crappy […]

Some Pictures…

May 4, 2009

I walked  downtown today to pick up a couple things because it was a beautiful day and  figured I would take my camera along.  These might only be interesting to me, but I thought I’d throw a few of the more bizarre/funny things I saw.   At very least these should help you understand a little bit about […]