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My English Room

May 16, 2009

Some of you have probably heard me mention the awesome new English Room my school built during the winter vacation (actually the direct translation of the sign over the door is “English Experience Having Room”).  Anyway I thought I’d give you a look at it just to prove I wasn’t exaggerating.  The school dropped about […]

“It’s Not a Tumour!”

December 10, 2008

Andrew Teaches Kindergarten.  Hilarity Ensues. Teaching kindergarten is interesting to say the least. Here’s a conversation I had with a kid in kindergarten yesterday: Kid:  Hi! Me: Hello. Kid: Thank you!! Me:  Thank you?? Kid:  How are you?? Me: I’m fine.  How are you? Kid: Thank you! Me:  Thank you? Kid:  How are you? Me: […]